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Adam Grandmaison, professionally known as Adam22, is an American entrepreneur, podcast host, and media personality. He was born on November 24, 1983, in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Adam22 gained prominence through his online presence and involvement in hip-hop and BMX communities. He initially gained recognition as a BMX rider and ran a BMX-centric website called “The Come Up.” Through this platform, he showcased BMX videos, interviews, and news.

In 2014, Adam22 ventured into podcasting and launched “No Jumper,” a podcast focused on interviewing notable figures in the hip-hop and rap industry. The podcast gained significant popularity and became a hub for up-and-coming artists to share their stories and gain exposure. His relaxed interviewing style and ability to connect with his guests resonated with audiences, contributing to the podcast’s success.

Over the years, “No Jumper” expanded beyond the audio podcast format and hosted live interviews and discussions on YouTube. The channel garnered millions subscribers and became a go-to source for music, streetwear, and youth culture. His interviews with established artists, underground talents, and industry insiders provided valuable insights into the hip-hop scene.

Adam22’s success as a podcast host led to opportunities as a music curator, promoter, and event organizer. He started hosting concerts and live shows, bringing together emerging artists and fostering community within the music industry.

His impact on youth culture and his ability to connect with artists and fans alike have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Through his multifaceted career, he continues to shape the landscape of hip-hop, podcasting, and streetwear, leaving a lasting impression on the industries he touches.

He is romantically linked to Lena The Plug.

Considering his successful podcast, brand collaborations, merchandise sales, and event hosting, it is possible that his net worth falls within the range of several million dollars.

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